Today we present Ugo Conforti, in the production of Ilex verticillata, Ruscus and Ortensie.

Let’s discover his work with him.

Ilex verticillata is grown throughout the year to be harvested in the months of November and December. It is grown in open fields where the plants placed at a distance from each other grow like bushes. Together with Flora Toscana, the ILEX product has been divided into various classifications, among all the ILEX ROBIN stands out, distinguished by the brand with the robin, a selected product.

Starting as a producer in 1985 with the production of bulbous plants, in particular Freesia, Gladioli, Tulips and Iris, typical productions in the winter and spring periods, in 1992 he structured the company for the production of Ilex and Ruscus.

His wife Lorena has always worked with him in the company and his daughter Francesca has recently been added.