International Women’s Day – 8th of March 2022

Since 1946 Mimosa is the symbol flower dedicated to Women’s Day, especially in Italy and Eastern countries.

Symbol of strength, sensitivity and delicacy, it continues to be the favorite gift to give to women on this special day.

At Flora Toscana this year we are satisfied, the quantity of mimosa, especially the Gauloise variety, has responded very well to market demand. Even in terms of quality, the product did very well, despite the low temperatures the dry climate meant that the quality of the product was excellent.

In numerical terms, for Flora Toscana, March 8, 2022 meant a + 25% of Mimosa supplies coming mainly from our partners based in the region of Liguria corresponding to a + 25% of packages sold, over 500,000 pieces, in various weights and formats.

Despite fears about the increase of raw materials, especially packaging, transport and the sad winds of war coming from Eastern Europe, the market, in all its channels, has proved a successful one.