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Weddings in Tuscany


Are you looking for a flower supplier in Tuscany?

Flora Toscana guarantees a wide and fresh assortment of local and imported flowers and seasonal pot plants, plus a large selection of florist sundries of all kinds and cold store facilities. Not only, Flora Toscana is able to offer a dedicated lab area, Flower Lab, where you can prepare and store all your flower arrangements.

Flora Toscana has everything a florist needs to organize the best wedding floral arrangements in Tuscany! Thanks to it’s ideal location, just 18 km from Florence, Flora Toscana is also able to deliver throughout Tuscany.

English spoken.  Free estimates. Delivery service. Storing and working facilities.


For further information please call on :
+39 335 1508949 Federico
+39 331 2793373 Francesco
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