The History of Flora Toscana | Flora Toscana Soc. Agr. Coop.
The History of Flora Toscana

Flora Toscana

from 1971 to today

Flora Toscana is one of the most important cooperatives in the Italian horticultural sector. We are based in Pescia (Tuscany) and we come from the merge between Geo-Flor Toscana and Toscoflora, two large grower cooperatives, both with over 30 years of experience in the cut flower and foliage market.

Toscoflora started it’s activity in 1971 when a group of flower growers joined in cooperative so they could buy all the products needed for the cultivation of flowers (plastic, seedlings, fertilizers, etc.) obtaining better prices. -In 1981 the partners decided to bring their production of cut flowers, mainly Standard Carnations and Spray / miniatures to the cooperative by hiring a salesman.

Geoflor Toscana began it’s activity in 1977 with a few Gladiolus growers joining into a cooperative in order to buy bulk quantities of bulbs and fertlizer together. In 1984 Geo Flor growers decide to bring their flower production to the cooperative for it to be sold. In 2004 both cooperatives are joined into a consortium named Flora Toscana which will then be transformed in 2008 into a real merge, giving birth to the cooperative of Flora Toscana, with over 250 growers, 115 of which sell their production through the cooperative. Today Toscoflora and Geo Flor Toscana are brand names of Flora Toscana.

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