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Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

What is PLA?

The sleeve of the Buch you have bought is made of PLA.

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a bioplastic made from corn, beet, sugar cane and other natural and renewable materials, and not from petrol as for traditional plastic.

PLA is biodegradable and compostable and therefore degrades once the necessary temperature and humidity conditions are reached. It has characteristics similar to polyester and PET, with excellent resistance. Its main characteristic is compostability. In a short time (about 90 days in the composting center) this bioplastic is transformed into soil and fertilizer for the soil.

The material is certified for composting according to EN13432 by Dincertco.

The compostable materials are biodegradable, within the standards established by EN13432. This European standard describes the period (3 months), the conditions (industrial composting plant) and the permitted residual fractions.

The EN13432 standard does not certify the origin of the raw materials (from petrol or renewable agricultural crops).

Products conforming to the EN13432 standard carry the logo of a small plant.

Attention: always check the waste collection methods with your municipality or company  in charge of disposal.