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Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry

Through it’s C & C sale points based in Campi Bisenzio near Florence, Flora Toscana is able to supply florists, stallholders and wholesalers of the area a wide range of cut flowers, foliages and potted plants grown by Flora Toscana members. The assortment is enriched by imports coming mainly from the Dutch auctions from which FT buys direct 2 to 3 times per week and imports of roses from Ecuador.

The goods are displayed in an air conditioned warehouse, easily accessible to the customer who can be assisted, if necessary, by our specialised staff.

The C&C based is also able to supply florist sundries,  a wide assortment of foams, glassware, baskets, candles and so on …

Periodically Flora Toscana organises floral arragements and demonstration shows.


Are you looking for a flower supplier in Tuscany ?
Flora Toscana guarantees a wide and fresh assortment of local and imported flowers and seasonal pot plants, plus a large selection of florist sundries of all kinds and cold store facilities.
Flora Toscana has everything a florist needs to organize the best wedding floral arrangements in Tuscany!
Thanks to it’s ideal location, just 18 km from Florence, Flora Toscana is able to deliver throughout Tuscany.

English spoken.  Free estimates. Delivery service.

For further information please call on :
+39 335 1508949 Federico
+39 331 2793373 Francesco
mail to :

Flower Lab



Flora Toscana can offer you an open space of :


  • 400 square meters

  • 100 square meters of cold store

  • Working tables

  • The use of CC danish trollies and Twinq’pack containers

  • The use of an office space





IFlora Toscana’s Flower Lab is close to our Cash & Carry, offering you also a wide range of cut flowers and florist sundries.






 Are you a Wedding Planner?

For your weddings in Tuscany our Flower Lab is the ideal place where to create your flower arrangements.

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