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Flowers Foliages & Pot Plants

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Flowers, Foliages & Pot Plants


Flowers Foliages & Pot Plants, our main productions. 

Flora Toscana represents over 115 grower partners producing a wide assortment of cut flowers, foliages and pot plants. The area cultivated by our member growers covers over 320 hectares, of which 70% with cut flowers and 30% with potted plants.
The farms are concentrated mainly in Tuscany among the provinces of Pistoia and Lucca for 70%, and for the remaining 30% they are located in the south of Italy, Campania, Sicily, Lombardy, Liguria, Piedmont and also abroad, in Spain and Kenya.

The main crops of cut flowers and foliages are: Amarillis, Anemones, Asters Callah lillies, Chrysanthemums,  Spray and Standard Carnations, Gerberas, Ilex, Lillies, Limonium, Peonies, Ranunculus, Rose Buds in addition to foliages such as Eucalyptus, Ruscus, Lentiscum, Aralias and Aspidistras etc .

Flora Toscana, which started its experience on cut flowers, is also characterized by the cultivation of Australian and South African species in pot plants. Over 10 growers are specialized in the production of potted plants, mainly the Proteaceae family such as Protea, Banksia, Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Serruria, Telopea and other species such as Grevillea, Hardenbergia, Chamelaucium, Mimetes, Brunia and Berzelias, and the 19th century  Tuscan Camellias.

All the potted plant production grown by our members is certified Global Gap.

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