Quality, Freshness and Standardisation of the Product.


As a cooperative, we devolve great attention to the quality, freshness and standardisation of the product.

We handle our vast assortment of cut flowers based on the typical seasonality of the Italian production, in order to achieve a more resistant, long-lasting product.

Our major productions: Amarillo, spring Pasqueflowers, Calla Lilies, Chrysanthemum, standard Carnations, spray Carnations, Ilex, Lilium, Limonium, Peonies, Buttercups, Berry Roses and foliage such as Eucalyptus, Ruscus, Aralia and Aspidistra.

Our production of potted plants comprehends varieties from the southern hemisphere such as Proteas, Chamelaucium (also known as Wax flower), Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Telopea, Eriche, Hardenbergia, Serruria (aka spiderhead) and Grevillea, Flora Toscana owns exclusive rights for most of these products in Europe. The assortment includes Italian production of outdoor flowering plants, indoor plants produced by utilising geothermic energy, cactus, exclusive varieties of cymbidium, citrus fruits and a collection of various types of ancient camelias.


Our exclusive assortment of cut flowers, foliage and potted plants collections

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Production Chain and Logistics

Transformation, packaging, customization and logistics of the product

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We supply the wholesale market in Italy and in Europe, also through our webshop

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We provide floricultural firms and supply chain

Agricultural Products

Through our points of sale in Pescia and Latina we are able to provide to professional firms, which operate in the floricultural, horticultural and viticultural fields, everything necessary to production including seeds, cutting (TALEE), biologic rooted (barbatelle a biologico), soils, fertilisers, irrigation, nutrition and defence systems.

Integrated production: in recent years Flora Toscana is introducing an increasing number of products, biological techniques, and defence systems that are applied to its assortment. These additions contribute to the development of a lower environmental impact.

Professional Technical Means

Professional agricultural products,
focused on reducing the environmental impact

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Young Plants and Propagation Material

A selection of plants from the small bulbs

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Home & Garden

Professionally derived products for the care of vegetable gardens and gardens. Dedicated to resellers.

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