Flora Toscana & Giromagi ad ExpoJardim 7/9 Aprile 2022

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Last week in Lisbon the 23rd edition of Expojardim took place. ExpoJardim is the main portoguese fair for machinery, equipment, accessories for gardening, swimming pools and of course pot plants, both for indoor and outdoors,  which saw Flora Toscana and Giromagi at their first participation. Flora Toscana presented its collection belonging to the protea

International Women’s Day 2022

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International Women's Day - 8th of March 2022 Since 1946 Mimosa is the symbol flower dedicated to Women's Day, especially in Italy and Eastern countries. Symbol of strength, sensitivity and delicacy, it continues to be the favorite gift to give to women on this special day. At Flora Toscana this year we are satisfied,

Myplant & Garden 2022

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MILAN ... WE ARE COMING !!! Finally after 2 years WE'RE BACK !!! Happy to be meeting customers and friends, in presence and in total safety, in one of the most important international fairs of the horticultural world! We look forward to seeing you at Myplant & Garden 2022! HALL 12 STAND E29- F30 Ask

Flora Toscana’s LIFE SUBSED – Project LIFE17 ENV/IT/000347-

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LIFE SUBSED – Project LIFE17 ENV/IT/000347  “Sustainable substrates for agriculture from dredged remediated marine sediments: from ports to pots”  Since October 2018 Flora Toscana has been coordinating a project cofounded by the European Union in the LIFE programme. The other associated beneficiaries are: CREA Research Centre for Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Research Institute of

Let’s meet Flora Toscana’s partners

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Today we present Ugo Conforti, in the production of Ilex verticillata, Ruscus and Ortensie. Let's discover his work with him. Ilex verticillata is grown throughout the year to be harvested in the months of November and December. It is grown in open fields where the plants placed at a distance from each other grow like

Fairtrade is Here

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Fairtrade is Here - Fairtrade èQui Fairtrade certified flowers for florists In Flora Toscana today it is possible to buy Fairtrade certified flowers quickly and easily. The project, which was born from a collaboration between Fairtrade and Flora Toscana, offers florists the opportunity to purchase Fairtrade certified flowers, coming from controlled supply chains, and

Trend of the Chrysanthemums Santi 2021 campaign

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Flora Toscana's All Saints' Day ends with new records in terms of volume and turnover. There are about 5,000,000 stems, of which over 2,000,000 chrysanthemums, treated in the few days before the holiday. The cut flowers, together with the more than 300,000 plants, were sold on traditional and large-scale distribution channels throughout the country,

50th anniversary of Flora Toscana

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50th anniversary of Flora Toscana An Unforgettable Party! It was a very special party, full of emotions and moments to remember, difficult to condense in a video of a few minutes, but we tried. 50 years that the cooperative wanted to celebrate with members, employees, friends and their families. The confirmation that the heart


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The main objective of the SUBSED project is to demonstrate that it is possible to convert a waste (dredged marine sediment) into a resource (a commercial substrate) through the application of sustainable techniques, both from an environmental and an economic point of view. To achieve this goal, sediment-based substrates will be used in the

PIF project

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The Flora Toscana soc agr coop company, operating in the agricultural sector, based in PESCIA (PT), participates as leader in a PIF project (Integrated Supply Chain Project) on the FLORAL FARMING CHAIN ​​called GREEN: Flora and Future. Through this project, the company intends to pursue some important production, environmental and commercial objectives, necessary to


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