Fairtrade is Here – Fairtrade èQui

Fairtrade certified flowers for florists

In Flora Toscana today it is possible to buy Fairtrade certified flowers quickly and easily.

The project, which was born from a collaboration between Fairtrade and Flora Toscana, offers florists the opportunity to purchase Fairtrade certified flowers, coming from controlled supply chains, and to be able to use them freely for their own compositions and creations, in store, online and / or for events and weddings, thus being able to add your own flair and imagination.

This short supply chain also allows for a product characterized by an average higher quality and shelf-life than comparable products.

To purchase Fairtrade certified flowers from Flora Toscana, simply register on the Fairtrade è Qui portal, obtain your ID valid for the purchase of Fairtrade certified flowers and present it at the time of purchase.

It will also be possible to download promotional material from the Fairtrade è Qui portal to display in your shop or to use for your own social communication.

With Fairtrade è’here even florists can:

Sell Fairtrade certified flowers by communicating their sensitivity to ethical issues to customers

have ad hoc Fairtrade communication materials available

broaden its clientele by touching the hearts of those who want to be the protagonist in their purchasing decisions.

Choosing Fairtrade for producers and workers in the southern hemisphere means contributing, even with a simple bouquet, to a fairer world for everyone, guaranteeing decent conditions, paying a fair price, recognizing workers a price premium, reducing differences in gender, offering opportunities for empowerment.

For more information on how to buy Fairtrade certified flowers contact us

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mail: cash.carry.firenze@floratoscana.it

To learn about the Fairtrade world, visit www.fairtrade.it