The Flora Toscana soc agr coop company, operating in the agricultural sector, based in PESCIA (PT), participates as leader in a PIF project (Integrated Supply Chain Project) on the FLORAL FARMING CHAIN ​​called GREEN: Flora and Future.

Through this project, the company intends to pursue some important production, environmental and commercial objectives, necessary to give the supply chain new vigor and new developments.

Submeasures 16.2, 16.3 and 1.2 will also be activated in the PIF to support the whole project, in collaboration with Universities and Research Bodies and Training Agencies recognized by the Tuscany Region.
With this project the company Flora Toscana soc agr coop, in collaboration with Flor-Export soc coop, wants to achieve some important objectives (production, environmental and commercial) necessary to recover added value on the raw materials of basic agricultural producers and overcome the points critics of the Nursery sector, identified by the leader.

The interventions must be aimed at achieving the following objectives:

1) Introduction of technological innovation in farms to optimize processing, harvesting methods and conservation systems for the products obtained

2) Reduction of primary production costs linked to the improvement of agricultural equipment and structures, also with systems that include methods and systems for reducing energy consumption

3) Increase of raw material processing capacities, improvement of logistics and marketing

4) Enhancement of the products obtained also through participation in pilot projects of innovation and cooperation projects related to the development of innovative techniques for the conservation of finished products and development of marketing / commercialization actions.

5) increase the knowledge of producers through an information transfer and training project.

Pursuant to the call for Integrated Projects of the P.I.F Supply Chain – Annuity 2017, on the PSR 2014 2020 Tuscany Region, published in the BURT of 19 07 2017.