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Since 2006 Flora Toscana imports and distributes FAIRTRADE certified flowers, the one and only company in Italy in the floriculture business dealing with  Fairtrade.

Through the Fairtrade certified flowers we are able to guarantee the growers of the southern emisphere Rights, Fair Prices, Long term contracts and the possibility of investing in social and health projects for the workers and their communities, all in maximum transpareency.

The Fairtrade stand ensures that the products are checked throughout the chain, from grower to consumer.

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All Flora Toscana production of pot Proteas is certified GlobalGAP certification – Option 2 – (GAP Good Agricultural Practice Protocol for the Development of Best Practice for Farms).

GlobalGAP certification, together with ensuring excellence and quality also guarantees environmentally friendly production and the health and safety of the workers and overall business management, ensuring traceability throughout the industry.

Information on the correct use of the GlobalGAP brand

Flora Toscana , with reference to the marketing of GlobalGAP,  production would like to inform it’s customers that the GG Protocol requires that all involved must :

– Ensure the correct use of the trademark GlobalGAP;

– Adopt a procedure to ensure the identification and traceability of the certified product throughout the process.

GG Number attribution 4052852154192

By clicking onto http://www.globalgap.org it’s possible to verify the GG certificate number and the names of he Flora Toscana’s member companies applying to option 2 of the GG protocol.



Flora Toscana is also licensee of the Organic brand for Peppers, Herbs and small fruits in pots.


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