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Sleeves and Packaging material

Packaging Material for Pot Plants and Cut Flowers


For over twenty years, Flora Toscana has been producing  printed  and unprinted sleeves made of polypropylene as packaging solutions for professionals in the horticultural sector, especially for cut flowers and pot plants.

In addition to our standard range, which can be modified upon request, including colours and formats, we can offer the possibility of any customized products.

Our designers are always following the latest trends and for all special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas,  are always able to come up with new ideas and new types of packaging, including barcode and QR code printing.

Main characteristics of our products:

  • Polypropylene Film PP Cast 40 e 50 ny
  • Polypropylene Biaxial-Oriented Film 35 and 40 ny
  • Sleeves from 20 cm to a max of 100 cm of height with 5 cm increments per rip
  • Without Rips (single products)
  • With Rips (bouquets from 50 to 100 units)
  • With small pierces or large pierces.icone-buste



The following letters indicate the correct reading of the measures, which usually are positioned next to the name of the various bags.

A indicates the higher base of the bag

B indicates the inferior base of the bag

H indicates the height of the bag

H1 indicates the presence of the edge


disegno misure


Our sleeve collection




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