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Being a member of Flora Toscana is a great opportunity!

It is a way to cooperate among various members, exchanging ideas and helping each other.

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The Values Told by Our Members

Alessia-Spinetti - Flora Toscana

“Being in Flora Toscana is a great opportunity, it grants more time that can be devolved to cultivation, sharing with other members experiences and knowledge.”

Alessia Spinetti, Member since xxxx

In my opinion, being a part of Flora Toscana means, above all, sharing values, objectives and knowledge. 

Ugo Conforti, Member since xxxx

“First of all, Flora Toscana gave me a strong sense of belonging. In fact, it is a great organisation where everybody, members and collaborators, are like a family all directly involved.” 

Lorenzo Franceschini, Member since xxxx
marco-conforti-Flora Toscana

“La possibilità di allargare la vendita dei miei prodotti a canali che da solo non avrei mai potuto raggiungere, molta della mia produzione è infatti commercializzata all’estero ed è continuamente rinnovata attraverso la ricerca continua di nuove essenze.”

Marco Conforti, Member since xxxx

Servizi e Opportunità


  • Exclusive varieties
  • Technical assistance
  • Planned production programs

Marketing and Logistics

  • Analisi di mercato
  • Confezionamento e Packaging
  • Stoccaggio e Distribuzione


  • Member Development Fund
  • Banking Agreements
  • Integrated projects


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