Members’ Development Office

In July 2015 Flora Toscana, an important cooperative firm in the sector of nursery gardening, has provided new services through the creation of the “Members’ Development Office” (Ufficio Sviluppo Soci).

Beyond our members, this service is accessible to all those firms in the sect, which will want to discuss important topics regarding their development and “change”.

The continuing depression puts firms between two paths: handle their agony or strike back the financial crisis through strong re-launching strategies, “It is time to bet again on the future”, says the president Paolo Batoni.

In a coordinating order, it will be possible to utilise the following services aiming toward the development of nursery gardening firms:

  • Evaluation of new productive opportunities; development of the actual methods and models. The objective is to create together new projects sharing and planning the productive and commercial aspects of the business.
  • Technical agronomic consulting.
  • Business management consulting with the support of Spinelli & Associati. Flower Workers and Growers will have the chance for a complete check-up of their firm as well as the possibility to access to other services in regards to economic management of the budget etc.
  • Assistance in the filed of finance facilities (PIF, PSR, Operative Groups etc.) and company taxation. In collaboration with the Professional Organisers of reference and with specialised structures.
  • Flora Toscana has created a strategic plan as an essential tool in order to develop its own progress in the next five years. There are important changes that will improve the efficiency of the “Changes” system, which will involve both the cooperative and the firms that are part of it.The “Members’ Development Office” is the first concrete planned action by Flora Toscana hoping, above all, for a good collaboration between the institutional parties and the firms.On a meeting held on 3rd July organised by the Pescia city council in relation to the regional calls regarding the Sector Integrated Plans, a good cooperation seemed to be at place.For further information: svilupposoci@floratoscana.itTelephone: 0572 446807